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Clarovita at a Glance

CLAROVITA NUTRITION Inc is a Canadian company in the field of life science which aims to promote the use of bio-active compounds existing in dairy and plants. The company is involved in research, development, formulation and production of functional foods, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

CLAROVITA NUTRITION Inc was established by Dr. Tahereh H. Nia CEO, (Ph.D. in Nutritional Biotechnology, Post Doctorate in Clinical Nutritional Biotechnology from McGill University) and Mr. Khalil Mughrabi, President (Biochemist from Concordia University) in 2004.

Summary of Activities

  • Identification of bio-active compounds in raw materials
  • Formulation of functional foods, food supplements and dietary components as finished products to provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition
  • Development of a new generation of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals such as nutra-pharma and nutra-cosmetics
  • Controlling the quality of the finished products
  • Providing technical advice to customers

The scientific team applies innovative technologies to formulate and process medicinal foods, unique food supplements and other physiologically active compounds in nature which may reduce the risk of chronic diseases, or promote optimum health. Clarovita, with the mission of “health, joy, clarity of mind in nutritional choices and quality of life to all” focuses on innovative products which rely on preventive and protective aspects of functional foods, particularly proteins and antioxidants derived from natural sources.


    The Platform of Bio-Active compound In nature has created numerous abilities and scientific applications to endeavour our vision for growth and working with different alliances in different sectors of Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Nutra-cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.


    The company exploits a combination of different innovative technologies based on its "PLATFORM" which is: "Identification, Separation, Isolation and Application of Bio-Active Compounds available in the Nature" such as dairy, plant and marine sources.


    The scientific team also, has acquired solid knowledge regarding advanced methods of extraction, processing and increasing the shelf life of Bio-active compounds without using preservative or destruction of the structure of vital compounds.


    Our state of art analytical laboratory is Health Canada GMP certified and serves us in our research, formulation, development and quality control of Clarovita products and our alliences.

The first high protein ice cream deliciouse, creamy, low fat & low sugar

Two years of R&D, patent pending

25G Whey protein isolate, 180Cal / Serving

  • For body builders & sport competition surgery
  • Physical trauma & eldery

15G whey protein isolate, 100 cal/serving

  • Our molecular studies on our Ice cream has shown higher SH/SS ration of the protein used for our ice cream

Whey Protein With High Ratio of SH/SS

  • Clarovita protein with higher SH/SS ratio enhances the immune system function
High quality whey & soya based baby formulas with highly purified ingredients for healthy babies

The best food for your baby is mother's milk

  • CLAROLAC 1 : (0-6 mo Infants)
  • CLAROLAC 2 : (6-18 mo Babies)
  • CLAROLAC - 3/CLARO-TODLERS : (18 mo-36 mo es)
  • VITASURE LAC 1 : (0-6 mo)
  • VITASURE LAC 2 : (6-18 mo)
  • VITASURE LAC 3 : (18-36 mo)
  • VITASURE SUPERKID 1 : (3-5 years)
  • VITASURE SUPERKID 2 : (5-12 years)
  • High protein orange drink powder : for deliciously hydrationg the kids over 3 years of age
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Who can benefit from ClaroVita products?

  • Infants and babies
  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing mothers
  • Subjects with Diabetes
  • Subjects suffering from fatigue syndrome
  • Cancer patients
  • Convalescents and the elderly
  • Subjects with mal-digestion
  • Subject considered as overweight, obese, or morbidly obese
  • Subjects suffering from gout
  • Subjects with a weak immune system and under stress
  • Dieters
  • Athletes

Address: 4291 Garand, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada H4R 2B4
Call us: (514) 339-1613
Fax: (514) 339-2486
E-mail: info@clarovita.com