Protein Drink Mix – Orange-Powder
Protein Drink Mix – Orange-Powder

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$ 16.00

7-20 g Sachets / Packets 140 g Net

    Product Features

  • An excellent source of whey proteins (15g / serving).
  • A high level of bioactive compounds, amounting to 85% protein by weight.
  • Beneficial for the elderly, bodybuilders, and other athletes to accelerate muscle development and rehydration.
  • A great source of hydration, and an excellent source of protein and active compounds for children and the elderly due to its double dilution with water.
  • Recommended for individuals with a suppressed or abnormal immune systems or those suffering from degenerative diseases.
  • Recommended as an aid to recovery after surgery.
  • Containing beet root juice powder which can reduce blood pressure.
  • Containing curcumin and curcuminoids (tumeric extract) as an antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, to support liver health, reduce bad cholesterol and to heal internal injury and inflammation.
  • Containing CLAROVITA–SWEET-SYSTEM-S1S composed of sugar 1 grams, STAEVIA less than 20 mg and less than 15 mg of sucralose per serving to craet a pleasant sweetening effect without increasing blood sugar.

* Halal, Healthy and Natural