Ice Cream — Vanille
Ice Cream — Vanille

Price :

i liter : $ 26.00

500 ml : $ 12.75

125 ml : $ 3.50

125 ml -500 ml - 1L

    Product Features

    Clarovita high protein, reduced sugar ice cream in two flavors of Vanilla and Choco-java (Chocolate and Moka) is the first and only ice cream worldwide with 25 grams of whey protein per serving.

  • It provides your body with a highly digestible and available protein isolate as well as a satisfactory level of calcium.
  • Two years of scientific research and development on organoleptic, molecular, and Phsico-chemical properties on Clarovita ice craem has created the knowledge to obtain the formula and commercial production technology for an ice cream with 18 months shelf life.
  • Molecular and chemical studies on Clarovita ice cream have demonstrated an increase in SH moieties as precursor of reduced glutathione which the first defense line of cells in the body.
  • Although the fat content of this ice cream is only seven grams per serving, it has a remarkably creamy texture.
  • The sugar content of five grams per serving gives this product a balanced, mellow sweetness.

    This product is considered to be an ideal choice for:

  • the elderly as a food aid.
  • individuals who have had any kind of surgery or trauma.
  • cardiovascular patients, diabetics, dieters, individuals with hypertension or high cholesterol levels, as well as overweight children and teenagers.
  • Suitable breakfast with oatmeal and an excellent source of soluble fiber.
  • athletes and amateur Physically active people after workout. (The level of whey protein has specifically been adjusted to an ideal level for athletes to keep their bodies in balance after a rigorous workout).

* Halal, Healthy and Natural