High Protein Pudding mix-Powder
High Protein Pudding mix-Powder

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$ 16.85

7-23.5 g Sachets / Packets 165 g Net

    Product Features

    Clarovita Protein Pudding Mix is a combination of an excellent source of calcium and protein to reduce blood sugar.

  • The product benefits from a high amino acid profile besides containing 6 grams of Calcium caseinate, which is the best source of milk bioactive peptides. Caseinate helps to stop food cravings and has high nutritional value an ideal choice for dieters.
  • It is an excellent source of nutrients for athletes and people who feel weak after surgery or need semi-solid added value foods.
  • It facilitates an enhanced flow-mediated vasodilation as the result of ingestion of flavonol-rich cocoa and milk proteins associated with acute elevation of circulating nitric oxide.
  • Clarovita Sweet system-2 is used with aim of creating a low Glycemic Index product.

* For best results, drinking a reasonable amount of water with this product and our other high protein products is recommended.

* Halal, Healthy and Natural