High-Protein Ready-to-Drink Chocolate
High-Protein Ready-to-Drink Chocolate

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$ 16.00

6 * 236 ml

    Product Features

  • 15 grams of protein in each 236 ml container in the form of a beneficial blend, consisting of soya protein concentrate, and milk protein concentrate (rich in calcium, and composed of caseins and milk proteins).
  • 110 calories and only 1 gram of sugar
  • An ideal beverage for weight watchers, diabetics, the elderly, dieters, and people on the go.
  • An excellent choice for muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, and cardiovascular protection.
  • Containing CLARO-SWEETNING SYSTEM-1composed of 1 g sugar, less than15 mg/serving STEVIA and less than 10 mg Sucralose per serving.

* Halal, Healthy and Natural