Soup Mix - Chicken Noodle
Soup Mix - Chicken Noodle

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$ 16.00

7-24 g Sachets / Packets 168 g Net

    Product Features

  • High protein Chicken soup noodle is an excellent source of protein and a source of calcium which provides 15 grams of protein per serving.
  • A light natural, healthy and delicious soup mix contains sodium caseinates, in combination with whey protein Isolate and hydrolyzed plant proteins and extended egg white and yolk makes an excellent choice for individuals looking for healthy aid to lose weight loss.
  • It curbs the appetite and increase the immune system function specifically, while there is an infection.
  • Also good choice for Athletes and dieters because of Sodium caseinates have slow digestion this slow digesting time gives the user a feeling of being fuller longer.
  • Combination of whey proteins with caseins as the best building block to increase muscle mass
  • Taking the soup before going to sleep at to keep amino acids working their effect for hours after you fall sleep specifically for elderly.
  • Recommended for : dieters, children diabetics and elderly.

* Halal, Healthy and Natural