Soya Snack Chocolate
Soya Snack Chocolate

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$ 16.00

7-35 g Sachets / Packets 245 g Net

    Product Features

  • Provides 15g preserving of soya protein Isolate=In the image the English title is changed completely.
  • Excellent source of protein and Calcium.
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol and heart related diseases.
  • Inhibits food craving because of its texture and protein profile.
  • Gluten Free (contains Tapioca flour derived from cassava root).
  • Epicatechin in chocolate may have beneficial cardiovascular effects on health protective role on osmotic fragility of cells.
  • Containing CLARO-SWEET-SYSTEM-5 composed of 5g sugar, less than 15 mg STEVIA and less than15 mg sucralose /serving for healthier and well balanced sweetness.
  • Recommended for: Dieters, Children, Elderly, weight loss diabetics people with high cholesterol level.

* For the best result with this product is recommended to take reasonable amount of water.

* Halal, Healthy and Natural