High Protein Spaghetti
High Protein Spaghetti

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$ 17.00

7-43 g Sachets / Packets 301 g Net

    Product Features

  • Excellent source of protein (12 g preserving) and a source of calcium.
  • Containing Textured soy protein or TSP (also known as Texturized Vegetable Protein or TVP) as a rich source of isoflavones, protein, fiber, and iron.
  • Easy and fast to cook with very good taste.
  • Containing lower Glycemic Index ((GI: 53-55) because of Durum wheat which is a high protein, hard wheat, slowest to digest which contributes to the characteristics of good pasta.
  • It Contains Durum flour which has the highest protein content of any wheat flour although has less gluten.
  • Healthy combination of nutrients makes it a good choice for high-protein/low-carb diet with weight management benefits.
  • Recommended for : dieters, children diabetics and elderly.

* Halal, Healthy and Natural