Soup Mix - Mushroom
Soup Mix - Mushroom

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$ 16.00

7-24 g Sachets / Packets 168 g Net

    Product Features

  • Delicious and creamy soup (cream of mushroom) as an excellent source of protein (15g per serving).
  • Mixture of natural and healthy proteins (milk protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, soy protein isolate and pea protein isolate and sodium).
  • Addition of Hydrolyzed plant proteins and extended egg white and yolk in the products has made it an excellent choice for individuals looking for healthy aid for weight watchers.
  • Combination of whey proteins with caseins as the best building block to increase muscle mass.
  • Taking the soup before going to sleep at to keep amino acids working their effect for hours after you fall sleep specifically for elderly.
  • Recommended for: dieters, children diabetics and elderly.

* Halal, Healthy and Natural